Products and services

Together with partners BriSol offers you a wide range of equipment for 3D scanning and 3D printing of the world's best manufacturers at a special price, software for 3D modeling and prototyping, and provides comprehensive support for the supplied products. Specialists of our centers, according to your requirements, will perform 3D modeling of parts and assemblies, produce products for you from plastics and metals by 3D printing and casting.


We create a reference part based on a digital model for subsequent casting of a real product.

Foundries are ready to develop. To facilitate the transition from analog to digital workflow, BriSol AMC works with partners to offer cutting edge materials and methods for 3D printing wax foundry master models. Our digital foundry solution is a cost-effective way for foundries to produce cast parts faster and cheaper than ever before with zero tooling.

3D Systems' digital foundry solutions used by our partners eliminate the need for tools for flexibility and cost-effectiveness in mold making, as well as allow for more complex castings in production volumes.
By using 3D printing of wax master models, we can speed up the casting process by 7 times!

Building chamber size 295 x 211 x 142 mm
Resolution 600 x 600 x 600 DPI; layers with a thickness of 42 microns
Accuracy 30-50 microns (depending on material)
Volumetric printing speed 189-205 cm3 / h
Modeling material 100% wax


Reengineering allows you to quickly and accurately create a 3D description of almost any object, which can then be recreated using 3D printing and other modern equipment.

Together with partners, we provide professional tools and technologies: software, a line of scanners, design and 3D printers that easily integrate with traditional manufacturing processes. The supplied software transfers scanned data directly to SolidWorks or SpaceClaim. Scan data can be processed with Geomagic Design X in CATIA, NX, Autodesk Inventor and other commonly used CAD products.

We use parametric CAD, a platform that connects designers and engineers with advanced design tools that also support scan data entry as well as direct data transfer for 3D printing. With a complete set of CAD design tools, you can quickly recreate 3D shapes, objects and render 2D drawings. In addition, during the design process, we will help to carry out a dynamic and strength analysis of structures.

Find out more from our experts to find out which combination of printers, scanners and software will best suit your business needs.