The most advanced area of our team's activities in the field of medicine. For more than 8 years, in cooperation with talented doctors and scientists, we have been solving both outstanding particular problems and implementing integrated solutions

RealGUIDE software by 3DIEMME (Italy) and related products.

The RealGUIDE procedure is a technique of guided surgery based on the following principles:
• Accurate three-dimensional reconstruction of the Patient by integrating data from X-rays and optical scanning of plaster models or intra-oral scans,
• Use of certified software (3Diagnosys) which, in a simple and intuitive way, allows the Clinician to make a complete pre-implant diagnosis and create a virtual surgery plan,
• Using the latest CAD/CAM and rapid prototyping technology for the automatic transfer of the treatment plan to «a customized 03»,
• Surgical guide and a work model with implant analogs housing to be mounted in the articulator for the construction of temporary prosthesis,
• Management of any type of implant rehabilitation intervention (partial, total and post-extraction edentulism) and bone regeneration (graft anatomical modeling),
• Open system and completely applicable to any implant platform, which can be fully integrated with the laboratory prosthetic modeling open software for the virtual design of the provisional starting from the implant planning of the Doctor exported in STL format.

• Dental orthopedic structures - ceramics, cermets and orthopedic structures on implants,
• Ceramic inlays, crowns and fixed structures (bridges) using 3D virtual design technologies, milling a zirconium oxide framework and then applying ceramics,
• Veneers,
• Aligners and mouthguards,
• Navigation templates,
• Dental implants from Avinent (Spain).

• Milling of customized abutments and zirconium oxide frameworks,
• 3D printing of individual frames for orthopedic structures on titanium implants,
• Manufacturing of crowns with a metal frame and ceramic veneer applied to it,
• Manufacturing of metal frames using 3D wax printing technologies.